4T Engine Oil 10w30 SN

TATA Autocomp 4T Engine Oil 10w30 SN

10W-30 AP SL/SN JASO MB is a superior Quality Genuine Engine Oil developed to meet the 4- stroke scooter/bikes AT engine requirements. It conforms to the international specifications of SAE 10W30 JASO MB. This is developed in view with the modern riding conditions and to ensure optimum performance of the engine even at extreme conditions. Its special additive technology improves the hydrodynamic lubrication, controlling friction and minimizing wear and abrasion. Provides better lubricity- Reduces wear and keeps the engine strong. Its unique detergency gives better cleaning, prolongs engine life. This oil helps to increases the fuel economy also.

Suitable for all modern 4-Stroke scooters/bikes where a JASO MB specification is recommended. This oil is not recommended for wet clutch applications.


  1. Outstanding Thermal & Oxidation stability
  2. Excellent wear Protection
  3. Low friction co-efficient
  4. Better corrosion protection
  5. Protection against deposits
  6. Excellent Cold Flow properties
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