Engine Oil 15W40 CI4

TATA Autocomp Engine Oil 15W40 CI4

This top of the line diesel engine oil is designed to meet the latest global specifications and exceeds the lubrication requirements of the latest ultra low emission diesel engines. It is specially effective at sustaining engine durability where Exhaust Gas Recirculation is used and protecting after treatment exhaust devices.

It is recommended for use in all modern Diesel Engine vehicles fitted with exhaust gas recirculation devices to meet Euro-II and Euro-III emission norms. However, this oil can also be used in vehicles requiring API CH-4 or CG-4 oil.


  1. This oil handles higher soot level and protects engine parts against the corrosive action of combustion gases
  2. As EGR increases soot content in the oil increases and causes corrosion due to condensation of the exhaust gases. This oil is fortified with state-of-the-art performance additives to control the viscosity increase and protect the engine parts from corrosion
  3. This oil is suitable for use in all seasons and helps in reducing oil consumption
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